Dandruff Removal Home Remedy : Sulsen (Sulsena) Hair Paste

Sulsen or Selsun also called Sulsena Hair Paste is a very effective remedy to remove dandruff. Sometimes dandruff comes only for a while due to the impact of bad water or poor-quality cosmetics. And some fight it for years, running around pharmacies and shops for new and new bottles of dandruff shampoo, which only bring temporary relief. Usually in such cases, the cause of dandruff is the fungus and hormonal changes in the body, which no shampoos and masks finally cure.

And yet there is a remedy that helps everyone and always, and not only relieves dandruff, but also has a wonderful effect on the condition of the hair itself. This is already proven by many means - Sulsen paste, the most effective and affordable remedy for dandruff.

Sulsen's paste contains sulfuric compound of  selenium disulphide, which is an effective therapeutic and prophylactic against dandruff and itching, excessive sebum secretion, the formation of exogenous toxins that destroy the root structure of hair, helps to strengthen and grow hair, prevents destructive processes in the area of ​​hair growth .

It also favors healthy skin cells, improves the physiology of hair follicles, gives the hair a healthy appearance and shine. In addition, the hair stays clean longer, hair loss decreases.

Pasta is sold in any pharmacy and is inexpensive. It is available in two forms - 2% (for treatment) and 1% (for prevention).
Dandruff Removal Home Remedy : Sulsen (Sulsena) Hair Paste
The effect comes fairly quickly, for a few applications. The course is 1-2 masks per week for a month. Then the course is repeated six months later.

Application of Sulsen (Sulsena) Paste Against Dandruff

The drug is applied to the hair after washing in the form of a mask. Carefully spread over the entire surface of the scalp and leave for 15 minutes. Rinse with warm water. The hair after this mask is soft, well combed.
Please note that the paste should be stored in a dry place, not in the bathroom. In addition, pregnancy is a contraindication to the use.
Sulsen's paste as an effective remedy for dandruff has long been noticed and used by many, but for some reason it is not advertised (probably unprofitable because of the low price of the product). I bring to your attention to drop a comment after the application of Sulsen or Sulsena  paste and recommendations for use.