The Effect after Laminating Hair, of Course, Stunning! Home and Salon Procedure

The best home and salon procedure of hair lamination. The effect after laminating hair, of course, stunning! Hair becomes very smooth and shiny. This service is becoming more accessible and more and more girls are resorting to it, and their opinions are contradictory. But what is the procedure of laminating hair? Just applying a coating for "gloss"? Are there any contraindications? Can I laminate my hair at home with my own hands? This is our article.

The procedure for laminating hair in the salon is not so simple and consists of several stages of applying different compositions. More information about laminating hair you can read  here. But first, you need to know who can even laminate hair? Are there any contraindications and side effects?


  • Hair loss. Covering their composition inevitably leads to their weighting. And if the hairs keep loose, are prone to loss, the bulbs are superficially located, then this service will provoke an increase in loss.
  • Very long hair. By analogy with the previous paragraph. Long hair and so heavy, and its additional weight due to the composition of the coating can lead to loss.
  • Problem head skin, diseases, damage, irritation. You may need a specialist consultation and treatment.
Painted hair or subjected to chemical perm very well tolerate lamination. Moreover, immediately before lamination, you can apply a shade of shade to give the desired shade and fix it for a long time.

Is there any harm from this procedure? Some experts (usually not belonging to the beauty industry and not interested in promoting this service) claim that there is.

Since after a while the composition is slowly washed out of the hair, then along with it, it also takes away the scales of the hair, damaging the hair, thinning it and depriving it of shine. You will understand why, after reading the description of the stages further.
The Effect after Laminating Hair, of Course, Stunning! Home and Salon Procedure
And the negative feedback of those who did not like the service is that there is no effect, either the effect is not long, or the hair looks dirty, stuck together, "sleeked" after the procedure.

Procedure for laminating hair in the Salon

  • Deep cleansing with a special shampoo followed by drying.
  • Application of regenerating composition. It opens the scales of the hair, penetrates under them and nourishes, the skin vessels also expand. During this stage, a warming cap is worn over the head to speed up the reactions.
  • Application of reducing oils. They also penetrate deeply and nourish the hair, giving it a well-groomed and healthy appearance. To improve the process, special accelerators (booster) are used.
  • Applying a compound that glues the scales of hair, "locking" under them all the previous components. Hair gets a finished look - smooth and shiny.
  • Hair is washed, dried, laid.
Depending on the drugs used and the length of the hair, the entire procedure of laminating hair takes 1-2 hours. The effect lasts about a month. But special care is required. Using ordinary shampoos with sulfates very quickly reduces the effect to nothing.

Hair lamination procedure at Home

A set for laminating hair can be bought in salons of professional cosmetics or ordered on the Internet. It includes:
  • Shampoo for deep cleaning
  • Nutrient solution, mask or oil
  • Laminating composition
  • In some, there is a tinted mask
Then follow the instructions: wash the head with shampoo, apply mask or shade balm for the time, then thoroughly impregnate the strands with the composition for lamination. After the specified time, the solution is washed off and a balm for the hair is applied.

Honest and unbiased opinion about the procedure itself, the harm of chemical compounds and the effect after a while after laminating hair.

If you are a supporter of budgetary natural or home methods, and at the same time absolutely safe, then we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the following materials of our website concerning the home procedure for laminating hair.